Tuesday, September 25, 2012

log book hilang..

Ya Allah,.. beratnya dugaan.. tolong lah beri kesabaran dan kekuatan..
if you ask any medical student, they would say the log book is like their life. Now I lost it means I lost my life!!...

Sob sob.. feel like crying.. but crying won't do anything.. What should I do??..

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Very angry with the washing machines down there!! and the person who cut the line!!! I was waiting inside the room and when i want to use the machine, she came in out of nowhere and claimed that it was her turn. She had been waiting like longer than me and was sitting outside the room. What the heck??.. why not tell me before hand?? i was waiting for nothing. that makes me mad.. to top of it, today is men's day, so sah2 lepas ni boys nak pakai machine. dah la ade 1 je, takkan nak berebut dgn diorg.. it's their days, i shouldn't be disturbing them, wouldn't I??..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



These last two days were very challenging to me.. My car was knocked down by other car when the driver wanted to park just beside my "perfectly parked" car.. The accident happened exactly in front of my eyes!!..Not only that, the accident nearly causing injuries to me. Syukur alhamdulillah, i wasn't injured. I was at the back of the car , and if i just take a few more steps to the left, i might be in the hospital now. Syukur ya Allah, i was not.. thanks to my friend who foresee the condition and acted immediately. Though my left calf was in pain after the accident. My mom was really angry. To my mom, its okay, your daughter is fine. hehe

after the accident, I was in denial for a few minutes. I was shocked, i dont know how to react.i should yell or i should just stay quite?. All my limbs were shaking yet i acted cool. I could not get mad at that time. The driver came out from the car and said sorry. Then straight away she asked "how much is the repair cost?". I was in disbelief cause she sounds like she got alot of money. But JPA still didn't give them the allowance for this semester yet. Then I said, " takkan nak bayar sendiri kot, JPA kan tak masuk lg" .. I dont know why I couldn't get mad at that time.

The one that "langgar" my car was actually my classmate. And the worst is the car is not hers. It was her friends' caar. And she was an inexperienced driver..that made me questioned her, why let other people drive your car?. And i was more angry coz there were a lot more parking lots for her to park yet she chose the one beside me.. If I were as inexperienced as her, i would never chose a park that has cars beside it. I'd rather chose the one with no cars beside it bilaterally.

Previously, she offered to settle this thing without police report. She was willing to pay for both cars. I didn't agree coz she is just a student. How can she get the money for both cars??.. Plus, my mom said "tak kisah nak byr macammana, report tetap buat. Kalau nak bayar sendiri pun report still kene buat".

Then, to make things easier and faster, I asked her back after reporting the accident to know whether she is capable of compensating the damage she had done to my car ONLY , like what she offered previously. i'm a bit reluctant to claim from her friends' insurance company coz it will take time (remember the car is not hers) . Suddenly, she doesn't want to do that because she don't have money. I was like?? What happened to your previous offer???..
That's why I was mad. (mood right now: angry)

I was not this angry yesterday. But today, seriously.. i felt what she had done was troublesome to me and also to my friends. I was not mad for her to langgar my car. things had happened, nothing could be done to rewind back time. I was mad coz she seems not willing to be helpful enough. She didn't even answer my call yesterday. Why?.. Afraid??.. why should you??.. take responsible la my dear friend.. Maybe what i demands was a little bit too high. But you shouldn't offer if you couldn't afford it. She was not even care to ask, do you need any help ke?.. I was her classmate, if I was somebody else with no relation to her, then its ok to keep quite.I don't know how her friend feels. But if i were in her friends' shoes, i wouldn't want to talk with her anymore.

Not so bad.. still involve thousand ringgit and my car was just 5 months old..haish...:-(

And also, my Mr A ni langsung tak dtg to see how i'm doing, how's my car doing.. Only call je..