Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who else?


OKay, I am really in a boring state. I wanna read a book BUT dont have a book to read. Currently, I'm still in love with Sidney Sheldon's. He was a terrific author. Apart from JK Rowling. Well, u can see that I'm into horror-fiction-love genre. Not into friendship-family and so on. No suspense for me. (No offense tw.)

Right now, I want to change. I dont know who else is a good writer. Can you suggest some?
And, I wanna try to read non-fiction books. Somehow, it doesn't work for me. I still prefer fictions during my holidays. Well, it's a diff story if I was at school..hahaha

I'm sick of Uitm's website..

Since last two days, I've been trying to check my college result. Until now, I cannot access it. There are 3 servers but still I cannot access in any of them. Really piss me off. I'm losing my patience rite now..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reunion MJSC Jeli @ Pantai Melawi Bachok

Date: 5 June 2010 - 6 June 2010
Location: Pantai Melawi
Activities: Barbeque, obviously swimming in the ocean
Attendance: around 50..
Somehow, I loike reunion.. Dont wanna miss it ever if possible.

"Peserta kursus"

Under the sunset..

Sue's birthday

Everybody is struggling to "burn" the chickens. Where is me?..
(Lazy .XD)

Finally arrived at Kelantan.

*Sequence of the pictures are in reverse.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Satu lagi addiction

Most of my friends are addicted to this. Why?. I don't see anything challenging about this. Because the answer is never right nor wrong. And people love to lie. So, I'm betting that most of the "sensitive" questions were answered with a "white lie".

People blogging to either advertise their products, expressing their inner side, and lots of other reasons. But formspring???

I'm not saying that I'm an anti for this, it's just I'm curious, why?
Answer please??

++ Symptoms and treatment ++


It's a common disease of the world.It's very contagious.
And it comes every 4 years. Once it comes, everybody will be affected.

Symptoms of the disease is people will start to screaming in front of the tv. Some will purposely get mc. Some will walk like a zombie during work or class. But the most important symptom is you will be waking up at night almost every day. It's like insomnia.

BUT don't worry it does not need any treatment.
It is self-healing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Result is out!!!

My final result is out!!!!!!!!!!

OH gosh, I'm so nervous when Naim told me that the result is out when I was still in Mecca..
I didn't have access there.
I didn't know anything, any news bout Malaysia or even the world.
And I was very shocked about the Mavi Marmara's issue.
I'm pissed off with the Israelians. (sounds like aliens..haha)
Where is their humanity ?????
And after that incident, the world suddenly realized how cruel they are.
Serve them right. Let them be pressured by other countries.
And now, Malaysia has guts to do something.
Before, we were only looking without doing nothing.
And I hope, there will be some unification to attack the Israel.
Well I didn't mean i a WAR-way.. I wouldn't want that too.
Let's pray for this to succeed.
Oh, I suddenly remembered, I met a Palestin in Mecca.
Well, from my point of view, she didn't looked like in a suffer-ism.
Who knows what inside her, right?

Well, I see that most of the professionals in these countries ( Iran, Iraq, etc) flee from their country. I have lots of lecturer from there too. And when asked about the reason of coming to Malaysia, the answer will be the same.


We can see that many people are actually afraid of Zionis. For what reason?
I guess it's because of the BIG support from US.
So, hopefully US also will take action against them.

By the way, about my result....

Hmm..let's keep it a secret. Or you might wanna guess.. :/

Journey to saudi arabia


17th May till 31st May.
I've been to the holy city in Saudi Arabia.
First time doing umrah and the first time traveling oversea.First time having a passport.
First time being a foreigner.. haha
Guess it was a good experience.
Made me want to travel more.
I'm thinking of Japan and Korea. Also China ( coz goodies there are so cheap) XD

Front gate of Masjid Nabawi, Medina

Night view of Masjidil haram, isn't it beautiful?

Kaabah in the middle of the day.
Even it was hot , but still people come to it.

It was in the morning.