Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sampai bila

she doenst seem too care about what's happening rite now. am I the only one that thinks she is my best friend. she didn't even try to mend the relationship we have.. should i step down again???

i had talk n i had expressed my feelings.. n i thought it will clear out everything... tp....ape lagi yg kau nak??

you're being judgmental by blaming me without giving me a chance of explanation. you keep it quiet yet you expect me to understand your feelings.. how can i???? yet, even after I explained, I don't see any initiative of you to mend back our relationship.. what's wrong with you?? what do you expect me to do??.. why from before this until now, I am the only one yg selalu mengalah??.. why are you being so passive over something like this??

I'm trying to put our friendship back to normal, but you seem don't want to... you're not taking any move at all... silence doesn't resolve anything.. and also, I do know that u're ignorant.. BUT over something like this?????????... can't believe that u'll be ignorant too..

Monday, July 26, 2010

sakit tekak

Just got back from netball & basketball tournament. I'm not playing though, I was just cheering for them. But hey, its fun!!!.. Feels like all my problems fly away too with the voice..

I am very sad at the moment. N i guess I couldn't write it here coz some of you know about the person I'm going talk about. So, better not. Will keep it to myself. Hopefully, things will get better soon..

Sbg peringatan untk diri sendiri, it's better to keep quiet & do nothing rather than make the other party gets upset. Why not let it go without him or her knowing...........
I find that letting it go is much easier to do.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

No other

I'm totally into NO OTHER by SUPER JUNIOR right now!!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

celebrating mom's birthday

2nd of July 1947..

I did celebrate her birthday. What did I gave her??
Forgive my niece for grabbing the fame of my mom..