Thursday, November 26, 2009

Accident + i felt guilty


I thought this holiday would be fun and full of laughter. However, things cannot be predicted. My parents got into an accident at my sister's house, at Kuantan Pahang. First thing, they are safe. Thank God!.. Second thing, the car was badly damaged. Third thing, I felt guilty coz it wasn't me who drive the car. If it was me, then, maybe we can avoid this bad incident.

Time of accident: 10.40 am
Date: 25th November 2009

I was at home at that time, taking care of all my nephews and niece. I got a call from my mother half an hour before the event occurred and she sounded very cheerful. Can you imagine, half an hour later, she called me again with a panic sound. The me who is listening was even more terrified. I didn't expect that it would be like that. Furthermore, my mother always stay calm even in tough situation but yesterday, no!.. Her voice was different. I dont know how to describe it.. I was very worried about her when I got the call. She also forbid me to tell any of my siblings coz they are working. So what am I suppose to do??.. At last, I cried. Well, of course not in front of my "little kids".

At 11.00 am, my sister had finish her work so.. everything is solved. First, my parents had to report the accident to the police which in the end my father is at fault and he need to pay RM300.00 as a fine. Second, the car had been sent to the workshop. Third, my parents were both okay but maybe my mother is a little bit trauma. Third, the other car involved is Proton Waja. Fourth, the driver of waja is somehow injured. hm....

My father's car..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

+ Cute & adorable +


Time: 6.52 am
Date: 22 nov 2009
Days toward the final: 8 days more

I'm in front of the laptop again!.. yay!.. Okay, I'm almost finish revising all the subjects and hopefully, all the information are locked up properly in my memory and hopefully also, i will find the key on the big day. phew!..

Gambar ni dah lame, saje2 nak post. coz all are blue..ngeee^

This is what life's is all about. Comel kan?. My friend really adore this cat. We even name it "bling bling" ( i dont know how they can think of that name..haha) and her kitties are so called "merah" & "putih". I didnt LOVE cats nor didnt LIKE them. But eversince this bling bling gave birth, I started to like them. hehe . Am I hypocrite or am I just afraid of CAT but LOVE KITTENS?. Hm.. I cant figure it out myself. My ex-roomate also has begin to love her. I guess it's Amalina's influence.

Anyway, I'm just blabbering.. Boring.. If I write about my lectures, no one would be interested. So.. Nope, I prefer not to post anything regarding my study. Until I changed my mind. hahaha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear friends

I miss u guys a lot. I want another reunion.. uhuhuhu...

What am I doing??

I'm back to my downloading mode. Last Friday, I had my PT. So, on Saturday, I went to Jusco *phm2 la ye.. hehe*

Double movie dowh.. First, 2012 n then PISAU CUKUR. (Ni baru lepas PT.. kalo lepas Final??)
N then shopping. I spent about 200 rgt seiyh.. heee..

Last week, I spent most of my time downloading movies.
And I said to myself to CUT IT OUT during the revision week.
BUT,.. But...But.. Still I couldnt resist the temptation..

Rite now, I'm downloading HARRY POTTER THE MOVIE.
I still dont know what movie I'm gonna download after this..
but hey, I've already addicted to this DOWNLOAD THING!!
This starts with only one movie,
Then, it goes on and on and on...
I'm spending most of my time in front of laptop currently.

And how I wish that I'm not like this...
Heish, final is just around the corner.
I kept reminding myself but still I didnt make any improvement.

Dear FRIENDS, GOD, MOM, ...... please help me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009



I just feel like writing today. Nothing special going on in my life rite now except I will have to sit for the final on 30th of Nov. And that's not a good news, rite?. I'm terrified to sit for that exam but still what am I doin rite now!!!! Oh God, help me!... How can I get away from my laziness and my addiction to these online-blogging-facebooking thing??.. There's lots of things to read. I wanna do a study group but somehow, I see that most of my friends are really hardworking, I couldn't cope up.

This Friday, I have a test for the current module : Hemopoetic and Lymphoid system. I still have vague knowledge of what I learn for the past 5 days. Sorry Dato', I cannot wrap up all the things today which means I cannot prepare for the next week's schedule tomorrow. ( He's my dean ) . Ok, next week there will be more lectures. Am I make myself look pathetic?.. Don't want to but can't help it. I am anticipating for the break but it's only 2 weeks holiday and of course it's not enuff.

Ok.. STOP with the blabbering, ENOUGH okay!!.. This is what I have to pay to become a doctor. I bet there are lots of friends out there who had life more difficult than I am. Thank God, I dont have to deal with feeling's problem. I think that's more troublesome and difficult to handle.

Now.. I'm going to face forward. No more turning back. I'm gonna set a new vision. Hope I will stick to it. =P.. STRIVE FOR THE EXAM ..yey!